The 17th Anniversary of Harmony Multicultural Association went off extremely well, reflecting the multicultural spirit of our organization.  The highlight of the event was Dr. George Eccleston’s speech on Mary, Queen of Scots. After the speech, I thanked Dr. Eccleston with a gift. This was followed by a lively International Multicultural video which everyone enjoyed.    


Among the crowd were a few friends of Harmony including four medical general practitioners:  Dr. George Eccleston, Dr. Rob Davies, Dr. Hannan and Dr. (Mrs.) Hannan. In my speech, I said big ‘thank you’ and clapped for my nephew Dr. Priyedarshi Jetli who is a professor in Bombay University. He is doing Harmony’s admin work two hours a week on the telephone.  


Please note that the person wearing the grey suit in the pictures is the speaker Dr. George Eccleston. The man in the light coloured suit is Dr. Rob Davies. Kalpna Khurana is in the pink sari. Dr. and Mrs. Hannan and their sons are also in the pictures. If you need any further information please contact Kalpna via the contact page. 

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