About Us


The Harmony Multicultural Association was set up 20 years ago by Kalpna Khurana. She was inspired by the personal tragedy of Kalpna's daughter, Leena, a gifted girl who became psychologically damaged as a result of racial bullying.


Kalpna set up this association as an aim to break down cultural barriers and bring the Trafford community together as a way to stop prejudices and discrimination.

Our aim is to build bridges between communities and to create a better understanding of different cultures in schools to eradicate bullying.

Harmony Multicultural Association believes that music and dance is the best way to encourage peace, happiness and harmony between people from all kinds of backgrounds.


Kalpna Khurana is a qualified dance teacher and qualified youth worker who believes we can bring the community together through music and dance! So why not join us and take part in our workshops  and together as a team we can have a terrific cultural experience building bridges within our community.

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